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All items such as the description, 100% Solid Gold, 100% silver and genuine Diamond.
Only fantasy in the golden fashion section with golden baths as indicated.
Read the indications of the object, it is described.

We invite the buyer to try them after taking it to the local jewelry store.

Note: For shipments and claims, it is advisable to open the package to the mail man. Reject the package when the item was damaged or empty package for theft during the trip.
JEWEGOLD online, offers, discounts, promotions. Jewelers continue to study and create novelties that we will include in the catalog, both gold, silver, and fantasy with golden baths. Jewegold was born from the association between jeweast, jewelry palace, fashion design, to create the best collections of products and take them all over the world. Read the specifications before buying the product, if in doubt send a comment with the full title of the product, for a better identification. Purchases of more than one item, may, due to their size or differences in availability, can be sent in different packages, even so, if it is within an offer such as free shipping, the different shipments will remain free with 20-38 days of delivery margin. Offers may vary depending on the gender sold out or the brand does not replenish such offer. Offers are not permanent, and out of stock products may disappear forever from the catalog, being replaced by another new item. Shipments in free promotion do not accept the obligation to offer follow-up, and can be sent with ordinary code or tracking number. The prices do not include customs fees of each country, in which the package could be retained until paying these, being different for each country if there were them and taking care of the buyer of the product or recipient of this one.
You can send your comments in the contact section, we would love to know what we can improve, or what aspect or product would change.
* Please, Check your junk mail and select as desired mail, your tracking code or answers to your questions may be there.

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-Can we send order to a PO Box address? - Of Course, completing all the shipping information on the shipping page before payment, if you had any other problem when completing it, we can configure the shipment manually.

-Can I cancel my order if I have already paid it? - Yes, as long as it has not been marked as sent. I recommend checking the purchase before, and in case of error after payment, contact our email quickly.

-Are the real jewels? - Yes, in the "solid gold, diamonds and silver" section you will find authentic jewels of different value, everything is reflected in its description.

- Being a regular customer, do I have a benefit? - Yes, we can send customers unique discounts for their next purchases with code for their own use.

-Can I send a wrapped surprise gift? - No, we do not have the wrap and dedication service, the only transport package and the jeweler. In that case, you will have to send it to him and you can wrap it with wrapping paper.

- I bought two items and it comes in two packages, why? - It does not always happen, this is due to our different workshops and locations, for example, if you buy fine gold, and Tibetan stone bracelet, but shipping is still free.

 - I bought something, how long does it take to ship? - Have a prudential time of three days normally. It can be larger if the object must be handled, manufactured or consists of extra parts.